Tips for Brides

There are so many things that I loved about my wedding in 2014. The venue, my colors, the white rosette wedding cake! There are other things I look back on and wish I would have thought through better. I hope my experience will help other brides! Today I’m sharing with brides-to-be some friendly advice on important details!

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Have a guest book. This is something I didn’t stress over, and now I would love to have something to look at and remember all the friends and family who celebrated with us! Even if you are having a small wedding, have a place where guests can leave you a simple message or at the very least a signature. There are so many creative ideas on Pinterest or other sites. It can be a framed photo to sign, a simple signature book, or check out this link for lots of other creative, outside the box ideas!

Send your photographer a list of specific photos you want 1 month before your wedding. As your wedding day gets closer, the excitement and lots of other considerations will become center stage! Take some time well before your wedding day to sit down and think through every photo you want. While this can be overwhelming, your fiancé, parent, or wedding planner can help. I sent my photographer a simple list of shots I wanted, but looking back I should have been way more specific. For example, I had 2 friends as bridesmaids and my 4 sisters in the house party. The chapel was too small for 6 bridesmaids, but I still wanted pictures with all my favorite girls! While I got shots with all my girls, I would have loved to get some group shots of all of us.



Designate someone to wrangle family. Another way to say this is communicate. You don’t want Aunt Kay running down the street to grab a boba tea while your photographer is trying to get important photos! Communicate with friends and family the week before the wedding that they must remain on the premises during such and such times. Better yet, tell them not to leave at all. You can appoint a friend to communicate and keep tabs on key people, or give names and numbers to your wedding planner so she can handle it and you can relax.


Do you have any helpful advice to add? Share below! SS



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