Cody & Sydni

Cody & Sydni were married September 24, 2017 at Moore’s Flying M Ranch in Inola, Oklahoma. I loved working with this delightful couple and coordinating their rustic-elegant wedding.

The ceremony was held outdoors in the beautiful hills east of Tulsa. Their colors were blush, burgundy, and navy.

During the ceremony, Cody and Sydni included their daughter in a special coffee bean ceremony signifying the union of their family. At the reception, guests enjoyed a dessert bar provided by their grandmothers.

Congratulations, Sydni and Cody!!

Design & Decor: Country Bliss Co.
Event Planning & Coordination: Milestones by Sheridan
Photography: Emily Burney Photography
Wedding Cake: Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery
Venue: Moore’s Flying M Ranch

Spring Styled Photoshoot

I thoroughly enjoyed designing the look for our spring styled photo shoot! It was a collaboration among several vendors at the Tulsa Garden Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma to bring to life this enchanted look. I was drooling over the black and white marble floor!

The color palette was pink, green, and white with pops of sangria.

Stationery included menu cards and place cards.

A full invitation suite.

White wedding cake with cascading flowers.

Our lovely bridal model wore a pop of deep red on her lips.

A big thank you to all the vendors who worked with Milestones by Sheridan on this shoot!

Cake: Helping Hands Creations
Coordination & Event Design: Milestones by Sheridan
Florist: Flowergirls Weddings
Hair/Makeup: Atherial Beauty
Photography: Danielle McGowan Photography
Rentals: Party Pro Rents
Stationery: Good Measure Creative
Venue: The Tulsa Garden Center

Have ideas for your own wedding or event but unsure of where to start? Contact Milestones by Sheridan to schedule a consultation, share your vision, and learn more about how we can help!

How To Be A Happy Bride

The visions of bridezilla seen on TV or online often make us laugh. It’s only when we come face to face with “bridezilla” that it stops being so funny! We start wondering what happened to us (if we’re the bride), or who replaced our friend, daughter, or fiancé. Today on the blog I’m talking about how to be a happy bride while planning your wedding.

portrait of the bride shouts loudly covering his ears with his hands, furious. Natural light.

1. Go on dates. Remember the guy you crushed on, he finally asked you out (or maybe you asked him out!), and well, the rest is history? Even though you are planning a wedding, remember to take time for fun and each other. Do things you both enjoy, and take breaks from wedding planning!

couple eating a dessert spoon in cafe on date2. Enjoy the process. You only get married once! Have fun with ideas on Pinterest, styling, favors, and other small touches. This is YOUR Best Day Ever, so enjoy creating something you will love for years to come.

3. Delegate projects to someone you trust. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the ideas you are bombarded with as a bride. If you find you’re not having fun anymore, talk with a trusted friend, your mom, or your wedding planner. Let them help where they can, or decide to let insignificant things go.

4. Take time for you. While engagement is a busy season with parties, showers, and planning, it’s important to make time for yourself to relax and do things you enjoy. Get some coffee or tea and write in your journal if that’s your thing. Or plan a fun outing with some friends.


5. Remember, you are preparing for a marriage, not just a wedding. You said yes, so  marriage is clearly something you value! Be sure you and your fiancé are investing in the marriage-to-be, and not just planning for the wedding. Pre-marital counseling is an excellent idea as you process what it will mean to build a life together. Or books to consider reading include Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

You CAN be a happy bride by asking for help, taking time for you and your loved ones, and remembering to prioritize what matters most! SS

Tips for Brides

There are so many things that I loved about my wedding in 2014. The venue, my colors, the white rosette wedding cake! There are other things I look back on and wish I would have thought through better. I hope my experience will help other brides! Today I’m sharing with brides-to-be some friendly advice on important details!

bwed bwed-8 wed-248

Have a guest book. This is something I didn’t stress over, and now I would love to have something to look at and remember all the friends and family who celebrated with us! Even if you are having a small wedding, have a place where guests can leave you a simple message or at the very least a signature. There are so many creative ideas on Pinterest or other sites. It can be a framed photo to sign, a simple signature book, or check out this link for lots of other creative, outside the box ideas!

Send your photographer a list of specific photos you want 1 month before your wedding. As your wedding day gets closer, the excitement and lots of other considerations will become center stage! Take some time well before your wedding day to sit down and think through every photo you want. While this can be overwhelming, your fiancé, parent, or wedding planner can help. I sent my photographer a simple list of shots I wanted, but looking back I should have been way more specific. For example, I had 2 friends as bridesmaids and my 4 sisters in the house party. The chapel was too small for 6 bridesmaids, but I still wanted pictures with all my favorite girls! While I got shots with all my girls, I would have loved to get some group shots of all of us.



Designate someone to wrangle family. Another way to say this is communicate. You don’t want Aunt Kay running down the street to grab a boba tea while your photographer is trying to get important photos! Communicate with friends and family the week before the wedding that they must remain on the premises during such and such times. Better yet, tell them not to leave at all. You can appoint a friend to communicate and keep tabs on key people, or give names and numbers to your wedding planner so she can handle it and you can relax.


Do you have any helpful advice to add? Share below! SS



My Wedding

I love weddings! As a teenager, I started collecting issues of Martha Stewart Weddings magazines. I loved looking through all the pictures, and especially the included checklists! Consider it lame or adorable, but I had key elements of my wedding decided about a decade before I said “I do”!

Fast forward to 2013, when I met my Renaissance Man, Caleb! We dated for 7 months and then were engaged for nearly 4 months. We decided to get married in January (1/4/14!). I dreamed about a white wedding with pink accents, so having it in the winter was perfect! As I talked with my mom and explored different venue options , I decided on a beautiful white chapel in Oklahoma City, Okla.


A key aspect that appealed to me about the chapel was that the women who owned it were also wedding planners! It was comforting to know that they would take care of many elements of the planning, including floral design and catering. I was free to relax about certain details!

I settled on the colors white, pink, and silver. I found a second hand Vera Wang lace dress and my bridesmaids (2 sweet friends!) wore pink satin dresses, with my 4 sisters in black dresses. (The chapel was too small to have 6 bridesmaids!)


Our intimate ceremony was witnessed by about 80 friends and family. A family friend officiated and had the perfect words for our wedding day. The evening was followed by a delicious Mediterranean dinner buffet, wedding cake, and dancing!


There were so many wonderful elements to our day! Surrounded by family and friends. Perfect vows. Great weather (for January!). Delicious food and drink. I also learned some things I would like to share with future brides! 😉 Check back for lessons from my own wedding. SS


Venue: Old Trinity of Paseo, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Wedding Planners: Simply Sisters
Cake: Ingrid’s
Photography: Stubbs Photography by Kim

After You Get Engaged

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

You may have dreamed about this event for months or years, and now you have that ring on your finger! After the bliss and excitement wanes (you probably won’t be able to stop smiling for a few days!), it will occur to you that you have a wedding to plan! Here are 5 tips to be well on your way to your BEST DAY EVER!


  1. Set the date. Decide when you want to get married. The most popular wedding months are June and September. But keep in mind your favorite season as a couple as well as travel implications for friends and family. Also, venues and vendors often cost less in non-peak months, which can decrease expenses in your budget.
  2. Hire a wedding planner. As a bride-to-be, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices you must make, and then be stressed about seeing everything come together on your Big Day. Many wedding planners work to design, style, and coordinate all the details from start to finish. They often have discounts with vendors, which can help offset their fee, so be sure to ask! A wedding planner will alleviate your stress and make it possible for you to relax and enjoy your special day!
  3. Establish a budget. Discuss with your fiancé how much you both will spend on the wedding, and include how much your families will contribute. Create a budget so you have an idea of what you can spend when meeting with vendors.
  4. Pick a theme/style/color palette. Look for inspiration and ideas for your wedding in magazines, online, and at wedding shows. Often your wedding planner will help you with design and styling. Once you narrow down the look and feel you are going for, it will help you easily say yes to some things and no to others!
  5. Book the venue(s). Decide if you want to have the ceremony and reception at the same place, or if you want to have the ceremony at a separate venue from the reception location. Make a list of your top 3-5 venues, and contact them for a tour. Gather information about availability, cost, and policies. Questions to consider: catering-can you hire an outside caterer or do they require you to use their caterer? Beverages-can you bring outside wine or liquor? Curfew-will you and guests have to be out by a certain time? Once you have the venue(s) booked, you can move forward with the fun things like flowers, cakes, and invitations!

If you get started with these 5 things, you will be well on your way to having a fun and enjoyable engagement season! Happy Planning! SS